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The feeling is fading fast, like this evening was just a dream. Whew! I've been anticipating that audition for a while now. I thought I hadn't practiced enough, and I'd be a big disappointment. I was so scared that I could taste the fear. Isn't that weird? I arrived twenty minutes early, and as I pulled into their cul de sac, I felt myself transforming. Suddenly I was confident, smiling, and capable. It seems like this transformation happens a lot whenever I do something I'm scared of. It happened back in high school when I had to sing a solo from a Boyz II Men song at an amusement park here in Washington. I thought the notes were so high, and so difficult, I'd surely fail horribly. But when I was finally there, and I started to sing, I just belted it out. And I was so into it, I almost overlapped my solo and started singing the other guy's solo. I wonder what it would be like if I just knew I could do those things all the time. I guess it means I need to take more risks.

I met Keith, the guitarist, at the door, and pet his dog Schroeder. When I heard the bassist playing around on his bass from another room, I was like, "Holy shit!" That guy is really good! So there was Keith the guitarist, another Michael on the drums, and I think Scott on the bass. Instant rapport. They asked what we should do first, and I said, "Can we play Rebel Yell?? I've been dying to do that song!!" So we did it! It was awesome! I can do Billy Idol's screams perfectly, without even hurting my throat... cause I've been teaching myself how to do it for my performances with Broken Suitcase. So if you didn't know, there's elements of Suitcase songs where it briefly sounds like thrash metal. Anyway, these guys sounded fantastic. I mean, completely polished up, world class, and of course older than me (Keith's wife is totally hot, and super super nice!! So if that's any indication of what being a successful musician gets you, I'm going to double my efforts). I didn't think I was much of a smiling, crowd pleasing person. But when I was singing with these guys, I just did it. I was smiling and I felt like I'd been there before. I guess I tend to emulate the energy around me, meaning that if I'm around professionals, I take on their demeanor.

So I sang Rebel Yell, Super Freak (which also sounded really good!) White Wedding, What I Like About You (not one of my favorites as I tend to like the more challenging songs) Mustang Sally (lots of soul in that one cause I sang it like Wilson Pickett) and also Sex Type Thing!! They said they want to have 20% new music in there, mixed in with the standards. I really like the way they think. Then they wanted to do "In The End" by Linkin Park, and I thought, wow... we'd have a lot of diversity-- but my hour of audition was over! Haha! And the next guy had just arrived! And Keith was like, "Should we tell him he's early and do another song??" Anyway, they said they were auditioning guys for the next few days, but they said they wanted to have me over first cause I had the best sounding MP3. Oh! Haha! When I first walked into the rehearsal room, Keith shakes my hand and says, "I showed all these guys your MP3 and they loved it. Are you really that guy??" I was like, yep, that's me! Ah, such a classic moment, when people talk to me like I'm a celebrity or something.

When Keith went to greet the next guy, the bassist and drummer huddle closer to me with this excited look on their faces, and tell me how great it would work to have a fresh new face in the circuit they play... a young, good looking guy like me (in their words) doing some new music along with the standards, and how that would set us apart from all the other bands.

So for now, it seems like they really want to have me as their vocalist. But I'll get a call at least by Saturday, they said.

And then as I'm driving home, I feel sadness mixing in with the happiness, because once again, I've accomplished something and there's no one to celebrate with.

But, damn... that was so much fun!! I love working with professionals!!! So we'll see what happens... seems like it won't be too long before Seattle knows my name.

p.s. Joel is out partying all night. I wanna be there! :( :( :(


I'm happy the audition went so well! I hope they pick you!! :D

What kind of dog is Schroder?

Haha, well my musician step-brother has a hottiepants wife too, maybe it just comes with the territory. ;)

p.s. Joel is out partying all night. I wanna be there!

*gasp* He parties on a work night? Aaaaawwww, d'you want to come to German conversation group with me tonight? :p
Schroder is a cute little dog with hair like yarn. Haha! I don't know what kind he was.

Yeah, the musician thing can be a charm, but I still have to be careful.

Sure, I'll meet you in Australia in ten minutes. :)

Haha, so he was a little white dog? :p

Yeah, you'll have to beware of the groupies and nutjobs. One thing I don't like about going to my step-bro's shows are the crazy fans. *shudder*

Wow, ten minutes? How you gonna do that? Heehee!
Yep, a little white dog with a little bit of sandy brown colors here and there. :)

I'm gonna hitch a ride on the cow that jumped over the moon. Australia isn't as far as the moon, so I figure it'll go pretty fast.
I should talk to that cow and see if she'll drop me off in Germany.

I thought you were going to say you had the superpower of teleportation. :)
I do have the superpower of teleportation, but I don't tell anyone because it's more fun that way. So... shhhh! Plus it's so much more convenient to ride a cow. Don't you think?
Hhhhmmm, cow...instant teleport...cow...instant teleport. The latter wins.
But the cow is a much more thrilling experience! I guess I'm just one of those old fashioned jumping cow fans.
I'm too much of a Star Trek fan to go for anything slower than "energise."

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